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The listserv has been MOVED!  However, both lists will run until the
documentation can be changed on the net.  Since the due date for that is
today, it should be soon. :)

If you are getting this message, you have been auto-subscribed to the new
list.  To send messages to the list, please use:


If you would like to communicate with the new listserver, please use:


Things should be pretty much the same as they were on the other server.

** You will want to unsubscribe from the old listserv!  I will periodicaly
send out messages to the old server asking people to unsubscribe and
resubscribe to the new listserv to catch anyone who may have had old
documentation.  If you do not want to get doubled up on these notices,
make sure that you send a message to:


With the words:

unsubscribe linux-tr

In the message.

I will be asking that messages posted to the @wayne.esu1.k12.ne.us address
be reposted to this server.

Thanks for your support in this move, and also to everyone who replied to
my request for new sites.  I'll let the new host maintainer  come forward
if he wants to, incase he doesn't want the possible 'the list doesn't
work' messages.  :)

Mike Eckhoff

	Hey mack hey mack kablam rats woo! - Nick