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TR init error 30

Having problems with IPX packets I compiled tcpdump with
the tokenring extensions which works fine and had some
results that point to the problem I have, unfortunately
not yet to a solution. 
Paul Norton helps me a lot. When I downloaded the
TR patches from his server I also found 20.0.30tr.all.patch
and I remember that he or someone other on the list 
suggested to implement it. The hope also was that it
may solve my problem. Although I did not find anything
pointing in that direction, I run that patch sucessfully
(no rejects and it compiled with warnings only)
Booting the kernel then showed that tr could not be
initialized (error 30). In the manual I downloaded from
an IBM server it says:
"inadequate receive buffers for adapter to open"
 The adapter has configured shared RAM using the parameters
 in the Open Adapter SRB and has established that there are
 insufficient receive buffers to satisfy the attached
 product's buffer request

I have the old IBM TR adapter with 8 k shared memory.
I went back to my previous kernel, which works as before.