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Re: Multiple cards supported for 2.0.33?

Hello token-ring group,

Wouldn't it be nice if you could deploy token-ring in informal
conversations at work.  Seems much of this conversation consists of
listening to people blurt out information (often irrelevant beliefs or
achievements of their life) as if only to control the ether.  If I could 
only programmaticly reduce the time the token can be help by any one
individual.... When I think of my friends, I realize they are all
token-ringers.  I digress.

Paul Norton mentioned that a multiple token-ring adapter patch for 2.0.32
should exist. Anyone know of a location?  A little off-beat, but I am
still wondering if people think any versions of 2.1 kernel, supporting
multiple token adapters, are stable enough to be used in a
deployed environments?