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Kernel 2.0.33 with ibmtr.multiple.adapter.patch.v2.0.33 and ipx routing

Sorry, the 2.0.33 multiple adapter patch is broken in that respect
for now. I'm looking into it...

Sascha Maric writes:
 > Hi all,
 > i have a router running with one Tokenring card and 2 Ethernet cards.
 > Kernel is an unpatched 2.0.33. Everything runs fine, ipx-routing works
 > fine, too. But when i apply ibmtr.multiple.adapter.patch.v2.0.33 to my
 > kernel sources and compile the new kernel. It wont route ipx anymore over
 > the token ring card, it still does over the 2 ethernet cards. Has anyone
 > encoutered the same prob? If so please tell me what you did. I switched
 > back to the "virgin" kernel again, but i would like to get my kernel
 > patched. Any help is appreciated, thanks
 >                              Sascha