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Re: Olicom driver

SATAN shouldn't require putting the network card into promisc code for
most things.  At least last time I tried it anyway.  I know there is a sub
program that check to see if it is in prosmisc mode - because if there is,
that can mark a security breach, however, most of its work can be done
without that type of NIC.  Remember, it watches for possibillities from
attach, inside of the network or out, and it doesn't take a promisc card
to drop frames/fake frames on the wire.

What kind of problems are you having?  Problems compiling or running the


On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Ignatius de Loyola Riky wrote:

> Hi..
> I've once tried to use SANTA inspecting how secure my network was.
> It's seemed to be not working. Will it be caused by my non-promiscuous 
> mode IBM tr card?
> With the above assumption, I'd like to try my Olicom promiscuous mode tr 
> card. But the problem is that I've not the driver for my Linux box.
> Can anyone help me ?
> Thanks.
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