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MADGE card

I just got the beta driver for the madge PCI bmII from madge.  I have
installed it on a linux rh5.0 machine running kernel 2.0.31.  I tried to
get it to work with the redhat system, but I get one of two errors.

/sbin/insmod mtok.o

1) resource busy

/sbin/modprobe mtok.o

2) undefined dependancies.

The other problem I have is that rh has a different structure for
loading modules, I think.  there is no rc.modules in /etc/rc.d  so I
have tried to install it after the machine boots.

I did recompile the module because when I tried /sbin/insmod mtok.o with
the module they sent me I got "This module is for 2.0.29  blah blah

Any ideas?  or any success with madge's driver for linux?

Drew Norman