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Re: Any luck with the Madge card?

As Drew Norman said:
> I got the driver from madge to support their tr card in linux, but when
> I do an "insmod mtok"  I get that there is no unused adaptor, but I know
> the adaptor works fine on this box in NT, and I am getting "unknown pci
> device" when I boot linux.
> Has anyone had any luck with this card in linux?  It is a Madge PCI
> card.

Yes, I am using it in two computers here.

`insmod mtok`:
Madge Networks Token-Ring Driver v1.01.01 (00:52:55 Feb 13 1998)
tr0: Madge Smart 16/4 PCI Ringnode (BM) Mk 2 at PCI bus/dev=0/e
tr0: The adapter has opened  

Does Madge make a PCI plug-and-play card? PnP might be causing problems. I
had that problem with a thunderlan ethernet card once.


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