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Re: 2.1.103 and IPX

Gilbert Ramirez Jr. writes:
 > Analysis:
 > We still have the RIF that contains no bridge-ring info (C2 20).
 > The LLC is SNAP, but shows protocol code "00 01". I don't have my book
 > handy; what is IPX's SNAP code? I see "E0 E0" after the SNAP LLC, which
 > are the DSAP and SSAP codes if this were a non-SNAP LLC. The rest,
 > "FF FF" and on, is the IPX packet.
 > So, perhaps 2.1.103 is trying to put SNAP __and__ non-SNAP headers on these
 > packets?

It certainly looks that way.  I have no idea what a SNAP code of 0001
is.  IPX is 8137.