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The list master informed me, that my subscription to linux-tr
didn't work the first time, so I don't know if my question got
posted. I didn't receive any answers, though. So here it is again:


we have about 100 IBM Model 95 servers with microchannel architecture
and an IBM Auto LANStreamer MC 32 TokenRing network adapter, currently
running Novell Netware.

If I can get those machines to work with Linux and Samba we could keep
those old machines as servers and this would convince my boss to start
using Linux.

I managed to get a SuSE Linux running, but I had no luck with the
TokenRing adapter. I compiled a kernel with support for TokenRing, but
it didn't work.

Does anybody know about Linux support for this card:

   "IBM Auto LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter"

This is how it identifies itself in the machine setup. I couldn't find
the name in the TokenRing FAQ or anywhere else in connection with

Unfortunately, if we have to buy new servers we'd probably buy Windows
NT Server too. If it's only necessary to buy a new network adapter,
this might be possible. Is there another MCA TokenRing adapter with
good Linux drivers?

And will those machines with MCA, SCSI and TokenRing be stable enough
to act as Samba servers for about 10 clients?

Best wishes

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