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howto info

On Mon, 3 Aug 1998, Gregory Lee Jones wrote:

> Your's is the first letter I've seen! Try the web site it was updated in
> January... It has some links and e@mail addresses...
> Good Luck!
> http://sunsite.unc.edu/mdw/HOWTO/mini/Token-Ring.html

And once again, I'll apologise for it not being kept more up to date.
I've now moved to Dallas Texas and am settled in.  Unfortunately, my lack
of a token ring network situation hasn't changed.

The doc definately needs to be reworked for newer kernels and for the
added cards and drivers.  I am going to take one more attempt at
reorganizing the linuxtr efforts (on my part) by creating a seprate email
account that people can send howto updates to so that I don't lose them
again in a move.

Take care


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