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Madge Smart


I got this Madge Smart token ring adapter (ISA) that I would like to use
on a RHL 5.1 (kernel 2.0.35). No driver in the 2.0.* series, nor the
2.1.*. I went through the usual routine and finally contacted Madge.
They will send me a driver for the Madge PCI BMii card and they also
told me that "some people have successfully altered this driver to run
with ISA cards".

Is there anyone on this list who got the ISA version of that card

I read some NN postings about this and Madge usually sends source code
for the driver, so if anyone is interested in this: I'll probably have
it within the next few hours so I can send it to you.


Kristof Van Damme <aeneas@nli.be>
System Administrator