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Again my 486er's getting thrown out of the ring...

Hi again, 
I think I found a valuable hint to my problem on IBM's HP:


Here's what they write:
"This problem occurs when the Ring Parameter Server (RPS) sends a
parameter frame to the inserting adapter and the adapter sets the ARI
bit but does not copy the
frame and set the FCI bit.
This can occur if the adapter gets congested during the insertion
process. The adapter may get congested during the insertion process
because it will receive frames
during this time, but they will not be removed from the receive buffers.
This problem is more likely to occur on MAUs that have electronic relays
which do not disturb the ring during an adapter insertion. The adapter
then may have to
wait 7 seconds to participate in the neighbor notification process where
before, the disturbance caused by the relay resulted in the active
monitor starting a new
neighbor notification process and the adapter did not have to wait as
long to insert. The longer insertion time increases the probability that
the adapter will get
The 802.5 Standards Committee recommends that the RPS send two frames to
the adapter, one normal frame, and one with the express buffer bits set.
inserting adapter will then copy the express frame into its express
buffer. This information is documented in the 802.5 Standards meeting V,
eratta sheets."

Any comments? Could this be the reason? If it is it means there actually
IS a bug in the driver, doesn't it?