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Re: PCI Token-ring, LinuxJournal

AFAIK, the only PCI adapters that I know to work are the Madge PCI
adapters using their drivers.  I think that the olicom PCI adapters may
work as well.

Mike Eckhoff

On Mon, 31 Aug 1998, jeremy brand wrote:

> first of all, hello everyone! :) (ps. hey mikee:)
> here is the article:
> http://www.ssc.com/lj/previous/2615.html
> which references using an IBM PCI TR Adapter with only compiling in Tropic
> support.
> i think that IBM PCI Token Ring Adapters do not have the tropic chipset.
> is this correct?  But being that i was not 100% sure, i tried a PCI NIC
> with tropic compiled in  ---> with no luck (not to my suprise).
> According to the author of this article, he has used an IBM PCI TR
> adapter.  
> does anyone know if there is support for any PCI TR adapter
> (lanstreamer...PCI TR..etc..) ??
> thanks..
> -jeremy brand
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