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AW: howto build a loopback connector

I think what you need is a thing in German called "Ringverteiler". From
your maildomain I see that you probably speak German so you can
understand the word. It's a box with 8 ports (at least mine has eight,
but there are modern, active variants having twenty) plus 2 ports
labeled RI and RO (for ring in and out). You can simulate a tr-network
by just having one computer connected to that "Ringverteiler". When
booting Linux the driver says something about "inserting into the ring"
and in that moment I hear a clicking noise in the Ringverteiler. Then
the driver tells me about being successfully loaded. I never approached
my Ringverteiler with a screwdriver so I don't know if there's an easier
way of building a loopback network, but somebody must have such a box
for you when you have to build a router for him...

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> Betreff: howto build a loopback connector
> Hi,
> My problem is: I want to build a linux router with a token ring and an
> ISDN interface, but I have no token ring network to test it. 
> So the kernel
> melds tr0: unrecoverable error: error code=0011, while no network is
> connected (it' an IBM Auto 16/4 Adapter) 
> So, in the token-ring-mini-howto a loopback connector is 
> mentioned. Is there
> a tutorial, how to built such a connector or could someone 
> give me some
> hints?
> With best regards
>   Michael
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