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Madge Smart Ringnodes


I am new to the list. I have a few machines with the Madge Smart
Ringnode cards in them. I was trying to get the driver to work. I am
using Red Hat 5.1 on P166 machine. I just installed the OS, and so
there is nothing special in there. I went to the network configuration 
utility and entered all of the information for the interface, hosts,
routes, etc. However, if I do an ifconfig tr0 I get an unknown device
error. I tried 'modprob ibmtr' and it says something about the device
being busy? 

I have tried to load the tr module using the kernel configurator, but
I am not sure how to check that it was done properly. I know that
ifconfig still does not work, and modprob gives the same response. 

Has anyone successfully configured linux for this card??

Charles R. Hardnett  ||   hardnett@spelman.edu   ||    www.spelman.edu
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