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[linux-tr] communication outside subnet

Hello All,

I hope that someone can help me with the following problem.

I have a RedHat linux installation kernel 2.0.32, which is running okay.
The problem is the communication with the token ring network. When the
computer is started all communication runs nicely both inside and outside
my subnet. However the communication outside my subnet is stopped after a
while (few minutes). Ping messages outside my subnet then looks like the

ping laserjet
ping: sendto: Network is unreachable
ping: wrote laserjet.ouh.dk 64 chars, ret = -1

The communications inside my subnet continues without any problem. I can
“cure” the problem by 1) locking in as root 2) start x-windows 3) choose
Network configuration in the displayed menus 4) select interfaces 5) select
tr0 (which is *already actice* according to the status message on the
screen) 6) push the buttons actice, save, quit.

The communication inside and outside my subnet do now runs nicely until the
computer is rebooted and the above procedure has to be repeated.

I hope someone can help me or explain what commands are actually carried
out during the “cure”-process described. Knowing the commands might help
locating the solution.

Thank you in advance,

		Carsten Brink