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[linux-tr] DHCP and MULTICAST

Multicast isn't supported yet for Linux token-ring, though I've got
most of the code written for it (IPv4, not IPv6). 

David Pineau writes:
 > (Apologies if this is in a FAQ somewhere - I'm new to this list.)
 > I am looking to run DHCPd (DHCP server) on my Linux box, connected to a
 > token-ring network using an IBM 16/4 T-R adapter.  However the
 > DHCP how-to clearly states MULTICAST is required for DHCPd.  The
 > drivers/net/README.multicast file shows the following:
 > Board		Multicast	AllMulti	Promisc		Filter
 > ------------------------------------------------------------------------
 > ibmtr		NO		NO		NO		N/A
 > Also, I've re-compiled my kernel to include multicast support, but when
 > doing an 'ifconfig -a', I don't get the word 'MULTICAST' in the output.
 > Does this mean that I can't use DHCPd? (i.e. that my t-r linux box can't
 > be a DHCP server?)
 > Thanks in advance for any assistance.
 > David Pineau