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Re: [linux-tr] IBM Turbo Adapter


The long, 16-bit ISA card that uses the TOKENBM driver is unrelated to the
Shared RAM family of adapters. This is an old IBM Token Ring Network 16/4
Adapter II -- an ISA busmaster adapter!  They are more suited to be
paperweights or doorstops than Token-Ring adapters. :)

So, don't send them to Paul, send them to File 13. :)

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"Collins, Alfred R" <collinar@aramco.com.sa> on 12/29/98 01:18:12 PM

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We have a lot of IBM Token-Ring adapters around here, but I am not sure
which one is the Turbo. Most of ours are fairly old. Is it the long 16-bit
one that uses TokenBM.COM in DOS?
Paul Norton wrote:

> Does anybody have an IBM Turbo ISA adapter that I can borrow for a few
> weeks?  I've got Fast Path Transmit and full duplex mode ready for
> testing.  Shallow Mode and promiscuous copy are partially implemented,
> as well as support for the full eight interrupt levels and 768 I/O
> ports.  I'll pay the postage.