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[linux-tr] unknown command 08 in arb

I finally got my kernel (2.2.1) to recognize my 3com TokenLink III (Tropic
based with 
dip-switches). When doing an "ifconfig tr0 netmask" I get the
message "unknown command 08 in arb" first time, but the interface seems to
be up, as well
as the routes. 
As soon as I try to ping another machine on the ring or use the interface
otherwise (smb
broadcasts etc.) I get the above message several times again and then "Arrg.
busy" appears on my console.
Same machine, cables and configuration work well with my IBM-cards, only
TokenLink III don't work. The card itself is ok as I can use it with my DOS

Any ideas? Is there a variant of the tropic chip that is not supported?

btw: that arb-thing is the Adapter Request Block address of struct tok_info
in ibmtr.h

Thanks in advance...