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Re: [linux-tr] IBM Token-Ring Network 16/4 Adapter II

As Al Koscielny said:
> Paul,
> I've been trying to find out whether ibmtr.c with the 2.2.x kernel is working.
> I tried the 2.2.1 kernel with the ac5 patches but when I load the ibmtr module
> I get many "kmem_alloc: Bad slab magic..." messages and have to reboot.
> I saw a recent posting that the 2.2.2 kernel also gave the same error. 
> I would be very grateful if you could point at a source of information 
> about the status of ibmtr.c and the 2.2.x kernel.

I have been running ibmtr.c as a module with stock kernel 2.2.1 for 2 weeks with no problem.
It was slow in initializing the card, but it came up after a few seconds. I have had no
problems with it at all.

Unfortunately I have not tried kernel 2.2.2 yet.

slabs have to do with memory allocation, and bad magic means that the magic bytes at the
beginning of the slab struct were corrupt. How much RAM do you have? I'm running 96M of
RAM on a PII system.


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