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Re: [linux-tr] Slow Turbo Adapters

On Wed, 14 Apr 1999 07:50:48 -0500, Michael R. Eckhoff wrote:

>I've been hearing a lot about slow performance of the token ring driver (around
>3K or so - you could almost do better with a cheap modem :/) lately.
>Every time I hear this, it is the Turbo adapter.  Was there a firmware/chip
>change to this adapter that is making it really start running like crap in Auto
>emulation mode?  I remember using Turbo's when they first came out in Auto mode
>and saw GREAT performance.

I've got several Turbo adapters in auto 16/4-mode which are all working
nicely. you have to make sure the shared ram (/ramsize) in lanaidc is
set to > 16K)

Setting the ramsize bigger (32, 64) will increase the incoming speed
greatly. Outgoing speed seems to be less affected, and is over

The maximum speed I can get between two Turbo's in Auto mode (both
Linux) is 1200K/sec (2.2.5-ac6 kernel with tr224.tgz tr-code)  ideal
conditions and with tcpspray).

I've also been testing IP masquerading through a PII 350 with two Turbo
16/4's (32K shared ram) and got speeds over 1000K/s going through the

You can download "lanaidc.exe" from www.networking.ibm.com  (folow
"support" -link)  ( TRI164T1.EXE ?)

PS: be carefull with lainaidc, just last week I have broken a Turbo
16/4 whilst playing with it.. it doesn't get recognised anymore, not
even with lanaidc.

Erik De Cock.