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Re: [linux-tr] Token-Ring Making a new token with linux?

Nicolas Desir schrieb:
> Hello,
> I have a lot of IBM 16/4 token ring adapters
> I have read your mini-howto but I have one
> unanswered question:
> I want to make a linux only network so initially
> it is possible to create the token with linux?
> Is it normally the task of the big AS400 to make
> a new token when it is lost?
> Nicolas Desir


there is no problem to create a token ring consisting only of linux
On every ring you have a special station called "Active Ring Moitor".
This station is responsible for the initial creation of the token and
also for the re-creation of the token after an error on the ring.
Fortunately the developers of token ring decided to automate the
election of the ring monitor. Almost any station is capable to do this
job; the TR error protocols provide an automatism to elect a new monitor
after the active moitor ist lost (e.g. switched off).

This event will be logged on your AS/400 with Message CPI8E7E in Msgq
QSYSOPR if the logging level (TRNLOGLVL on CHGLINTRN) is at least *MIN.
Do not confuse the active monitor on the ring with parameter TRNMGRMODE
on your AS/400 line description. Setting TRNMGRMODE(*CONTROLLING) does
not mean that the AS/400 will be the active monitor. This may be any
station on the ring. So it's not necessarily the job of your AS/400 to
create the token but the AS/400 may be the station on the ring doing all
this for you.

Axel Schindler