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[linux-tr] PCMCIA Updated Driver tr225.tgz


There is a new driver available for download from the web site (www.linuxtr.net).

This fixes a bug^H^H^H feature that only affects older pcmcia cards and only then with memory conflicts. (If it works for you already there is no need to change.)

A strange but true feature was found in the code.  As the technically minded know, the pcmcia driver relies heavily on the ibmtr.c driver for its functionality.  It also makes the assumption that any ISA (not ISAPnP) cards will have their shared ram starting at 0xd0000. 

Guess what,  we found a user with an old pcmcia card that emulates the ISA card that had a memory conflict at 0xd0000.  The solution was to change the ibmtr_mem_base setting in ibmtr.c. (Not for the faint hearted).

So the new driver modifies the value of ibmtr_mem_base to match the figure provided by the pcmcia driver.

NB. As with all others, this only affects ibmtr.c when compiled as with the pcmcia code.