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Re: [linux-tr] Problem with IBM TR16/4 -Reply -Reply

>Only on my IBM Server 310 (P133, 128MB, 3x9GB, ISA/PCI) the card won't
work. In one PCI-Slot is a Adaptec 2940UW with the three HD's, a CD-ROM,
a HP6100C Scanner and a Conner tape streamer. In one another ISA slot is
the IBM TokenRing 16/4.
> I tried the same configuration as on the other PC. IBM Hub 8228 with the
old IBM cable and the new RJ45 with media filter in our switched

Let's start from the beginning, under what conditions does the card work, i.e. Windoze 95, NT, 0S/2 2.0.36, etc. and a list of the configured options when it does work (irq, i/o, shared mem etc.)
Also, what setting is the SCSI card using (specifically IRQ, PCI i/o and mem won't conflict).