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[linux-tr] Compiling w/o recompiling the kernel. *newbie*-Reply


I use the line below to compile the driver:

gcc -D__KERNEL__ -DMODULE -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -I/usr/src/linux/include -O2 -m486 -c olympic.c -o olympic.o

But this won't install the module in the correct place, won't set up module aliases, etc.

Although RH6.0 is kernel 2.2.5 (I think) the patches should definately work. They need to be applied from the /usr/src/linux/drivers/net directory. I would recommend getting the driver compiled in at least once as a module. This helps to set up system maps and symbols.

In fact I would recommend getting a copy of 2.2.7 and using that instead. You *will* need to re-compile your kernel at some point, might as well start learning howto now. (and use make xconfig - it is by far the easiest way.)