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Re: [linux-tr] IBM Auto 16/4 Settings -Reply


    Thanks for the suggestions but I'm still having problems...

    Values I've tried...

    mmiobase            srambase
    C0000                    C4000
    C4000                    C8000
    C8000                    CA000
    D0000                    D4000
    D4000                    D8000
    D8000                    DA000
    E0000                    E4000
    E4000                    E8000
    E8000                    EA000

    And I get this error at the bottom of the file when I type dmesg. I am
restarting the PCMCIA services everytime I change the values.

ibmtr_cs: register_trdev() failed
tr0: Unexpected interrupt from tr adapter

my /etc/sysconfig/pcmcia  file has not special options in it.

    I've stuck ethernet cards and modems in the slots and they are handled
correctly, so I'm pretty sure that the PCMCIA services are running properly

    I'm also using the PCMCIA 3.0.10 code
    Kernel 2.2.7 with CONFIG_TR = y, CONFIG_IBMTR = m (have tried this with
'n' as well)

    I also tried this with the Turbo Token Ring and had the same results.



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> Kevin
> module "ibmtr_cs" opts "mmiobase=0XDA000 srambase=0XDC000 sramsize=16"
> These numbers *do* not with Windows 95, it sets the sramsize to 8K, not 16
(not that you have any control over this at all.)
> So, you could set sramsize=8, but you may get problems allocating buffers,
or try something like mmiobase=0xD8000 srambase=0xDA000 sramsize=16
> Mike