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[linux-tr] Debuging infor -Reply


> module "ibmtr_cs" opts "mmiobase=0xD8000 srambase=0xDA000 sramsize=16"

> tr0: PIOaddr: a20  seg/intr b0 mmio base: 000D8000 intr: 0
> tr0: Channel ID string not found for PIOaddr: a20
> tr0: Expected for ISA: 5049434f3631313039393020
> tr0:                found:   fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
> tr0:Expected for MCA: 4d415253633583435313820
> ibmtr_cs: register_trdev() failed
> tr0: Unexpected interrupt form tr adapter

Cool, at least card services is passing the correct base numbers to ibmtr_probe. It also means that card services thinks it can allocate the memory at D8000 and DA000 without any trouble at all. At least your stuff is dying at the very beginning and not half way through configuration. 

> when I do this with the line in config_opts commented out everything is the same
> except seg/intr = 6c and mmio base = 000B6000 

Yep, ibmtr calculates the location of mmiobase from the seg/intr.

>I hope I got the long stings types correctly. I had to hand copy them.
> Hope this helps,

Hmmm, something is not talking right and I don't think it is the driver.  If the memory area is dodgy and/or used by somebody else Card Services should have refused to give us the memory and the driver would have died with a unable to allocate resource error.

Have you taken a short cruise around the pcmcia web site and seen if there are inherent problems with the 760's.