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Re: [linux-tr] Success... kinda with 760 and 16/4 -Reply


    I've set my config.opts file to the following

modules "ibmtr_cs" opts "mmiobase=0xda000 srambase=0xdc000 sramsize=16"

When the driver loads it tells me that it is using an srambase of 0xd0000
and I can't seem to force it to any other value. If I try to set it to that
value usually cardmgr takes a dump and I have to reboot to get card services
working again... Any ideas?  It seems 0xd000 is in use on my system because
when I set the mmiobase there I get a resource conflict.



> Kevin,
> > tr0: Unknown command FF encountered
> Now *this* is related to memory problems, usually it has got confused with
shared ram locations. So now you are back to the original problem of trying
different config.opts to see which one works.  I'd probably start with
something similar to the windoze settings ie mmiobase D8000 srambase DA000
sramsizs 16, or see if you can get srambase on D0000, everything seems
happiest when this happens. (you may be able to get mmiobase at CC000 as
> A good bet is to turn on the messages from ibmtr again and check that the
reported mmiobase and srambase match the options given to card services.
> Mike