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[linux-tr] More problems with 760 and Auto 16/4 (same problem as Ian)

    Ok, I'm on kernel 2.2.9 now... That helped out some.... I compiled the Kernel with CONFIG_TR=y and CONFIG_IBMTR not set
Now I'm getting the same problem that Ian had with his 760
I have config.opts set to
module "ibmtr_cs" opts "mmiobase=0xDA000 srambase=0xDC000 sramsize=16 rignspeed=16"
I get the card loaded but the sram is at 0x4000  and the ringspeed is at 4 Mbps
Is is getting the HW address off the card and is setting the irq to 9
Ifconfig reports the card is up...
I'm stumped now... I had an idea about wrapping the code in ibmtr.c that detects the srambase in an ifdef and just not letting the ibmtr.c driver set it because it is being set in ibmtr_cs.c, but I quite doing that with the newest patch....
Anymore ideas,