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[linux-tr] more info on Madge problems

Well, I've been running fine for a couple of weeks now, and then
today, when sending an lpr job to a remote printer (for the nth time
today) the connection quit working again.  This time in the messages
file is:
kernel: tr0: Ring status 0x5000

help? :)

for your memory, kernel 2.0.34, madge's special driver module,
slackware 3.6, madge PCI smart ringnode BM2.

I wouldn't rule out something goofy on our network causing the problem
either.  The ring was set up 6 years ago, and pretty much hasn't been
touched since, although almost all of the workstations have been
migrated to win95.  Other than those, there is one novell 3.12 server
(soon to be replaced by a 5.0 server), and my linux box.

This connection loss seems to happen randomly, but always when
there is some kind of activity like printing to the network printer,
serving web pages, or trying to connect thru X.

Suggestions of where to look to debug this, track the problem down, fix
the problem, etc. are greatly appreciated :)