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Re: [linux-tr] bsm fix and other questions: -Reply

I was running 2.0.35 at the time (Redhat 5.2).  I am now running 2.2.5-15 and it
seems to be working fine.  The nmap version was the latest one (2.12, I

Thanks for the help.


"Mike Phillips" <phillim@amtrak.com> on 05/21/99 11:14:13 AM

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Subject:  [linux-tr] bsm fix and other questions: -Reply

> 1 other question:  When the driver was running on my old kernel, I couldn't
>nmap or sniffit to work.  Any ideas/comments?

Which version of nmap, older versions did not handle token ring, I fixed this
and sent the patch to the maintainer a while back.