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[linux-tr] Madge Token Ring card


  I'm trying to configure a "Madge Smart 16/4 PCI RingNode (BM)"
card in a RedHat 6.0 Linux, with Kernel 2.2.5.  I've found a
driver in the Madge Web site, but it don't detects the card,
I don't know if this driver can work with this card.

  Are you working in this card?  Exists any driver that I could

  I'm also waiting an answere from someone of Madge.

  It's quite important because we have hundreds of this cards
in our company, and I think it's a quite standard card, and Token
Ring is still used in a lot big companies.  This is a big company
with thousands of users and about 80 NT servers in UK, and now
I'm trying to install the first Linux.

  Anyway I think you are doing an important work in the Token
Ring project, it's a good chance for Linux.

Thank you
and best regards

Victor Ferrer <victorf@datalab.es>

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