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Re: [linux-tr] Madge Token Ring card

We are using the madge driver and the madge card. Not all madge cards are
supported (check the list). Make sure token ring support is in your kernel.

BTW the driver crashes very easily under load......


>>> <victorf@datalab.es> 5/06/99 5:02:58 >>>


  I'm trying to configure a "Madge Smart 16/4 PCI RingNode (BM)"
card in a RedHat 6.0 Linux, with Kernel 2.2.5.  I've found a
driver in the Madge Web site, but it don't detects the card,
I don't know if this driver can work with this card.

  Are you working in this card?  Exists any driver that I could

  I'm also waiting an answere from someone of Madge.

  It's quite important because we have hundreds of this cards
in our company, and I think it's a quite standard card, and Token
Ring is still used in a lot big companies.  This is a big company
with thousands of users and about 80 NT servers in UK, and now
I'm trying to install the first Linux.

  Anyway I think you are doing an important work in the Token
Ring project, it's a good chance for Linux.

Thank you
and best regards

Victor Ferrer <victorf@datalab.es>

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