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[linux-tr] Auto 16/4 Token-Ring on Gateway 9100

I have been watching the discussions recently and have applied them to some of
my own problems, but I still have some issues and I am looking for some
additional advice.

I have been working on installing Linux RedHat on a Gateway 9100 portable.
Communicating to the network via a IBM token ring 16/4 auto credit card PCMCIA
adapter.  Under RedHat 5.2 and 6.0 and a variety of PCMCIA package versions I
had been dealing with the ifconfig tr0 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx command locking up the
system during initiate.

Applying some of the discussions I restarted with:
     o RedHat 6.0 base package 2.2.5-15 kernel
     o PCMCIA card services 3.0.12
     o updated the drivers from the tr225 PCMCIA drive package

Now I can initiate the tr0 services with no faults, but when I try a simplistic
ping I get the error "tr0: error on xmit_ui_frame request:0.0".  Looking for
some more advice, any suggestions?


E-Mail Address........weavej@us.ibm.com