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Re: [linux-tr] IBM PCI Token Ring question -Reply


I looked at my conf.modules file and the required line is there.  When I try the
"insmod olympic" command it says that it can't determine what kernel the module
was compiled for.  What's going on here?  Can you give me a few pointers?  I
followed the README file perfectly and am still getting nothing.


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"Mike Phillips" <phillim@amtrak.com> on 06/11/99 11:20:53 AM

Please respond to linux-tr@emissary.aus-etc.com

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Subject:  [linux-tr] IBM PCI Token Ring question -Reply


Makefiles only wont get it to work if compiled into the kernel, you need to
modify Space.c also (0.2.0 has the required files)

To use as a module add alias tr0 olympic to the /etc/conf.modules.

If you have got the module compiled you should be able to issue the command:
insmod olympic
from the command line to see if the driver is working.