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Re: [linux-tr] IBM PCI Token Ring question: SMP? -Reply


     I really appreciate the pointers you've been giving me.  I know you must be

OK,  When I install RH 6.0 to my server, it doesn't see the second processor and
therefore loads a single CPU kernel.  I followed the instructions on Red Hat's
support site to enable the second processor by doing the following.  Installing
the SMP kernel via RPM.  Did a mkinitrd.  Modified lilo.conf to reference the
new SMP kernel at boot.  After a reboot, everything is fine.  I then recompile
to add the Token RIng support.  After a reboot, insmod reports that the
olympic.o module has been compiled for a different kernel (this being 2.2.5-15)
instead of the new 2.2.5-15smp kernel.  I recompiled the module and I get the
same thing.  Am I missing a step here?  Do I need to rename something else to
point to 2.2.5-15smp?  Do I need to change something in the olympic source?  I
would really appreciate any tips you could give me.


Jared M. Beaulieu
Systems Management Integration Professional
IBM Global Services
Santa Teresa Laboratory
(408) 463-3368

"Mike Phillips" <phillim@amtrak.com> on 06/14/99 04:34:51 AM

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Olympic definately works with SMP compiled in, (that how my machine is

>From your other error messages it sounds as though you have got something
seriously confused in the kernel compilation process.

Either try a make distclean to clean out the kernel files, or start again from a
clean kernel distribution.