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Re: [linux-tr] token ring in Red Hat 6.0


First, you must set up the Turbo adapter to "emulate" an Auto 16/4 ISA adapter.
This is done by issuing a "/FAST=AUTO16" on the LANAIDC command line. This will
set up your adapter to have two memory windows, and an I/O port of either 0xA20
or 0xA24. I also recommend the following settings if your system will allow it:

/ROM=CE000 /RAM=D0000 /RAMSIZE=64

The above settings will give your adapter a full 64 KB of Shared RAM, which will
 allow the adapter and driver to work more efficiently.

Secondly, you will have to patch the kernel on RedHat 6.0 in order for the
driver to function properly. See http://www.linuxtr.net/ for more information.
Get the "Bad Slab Magic" patch. :)


Scott Parkerson <witsend@us.ibm.com>
NIC Device Driver Development @ IBM Network Hardware Division

"Testing can show the presence of bugs, but not their absence." -- Dijkstra

branchsc@us.ibm.com on 06/23/99 05:32:09 PM

Please respond to linux-tr@emissary.aus-etc.com

To:   linux-tr@emissary.aus-etc.com
cc:    (bcc: Scott G Parkerson/Raleigh/IBM)
Subject:  [linux-tr] token ring in Red Hat 6.0

I'm running Red Hat 6.0 and can't seem to get my token ring running. I have
tried to two adapters, ISA turbo token ring 16/4, and ISA token ring 16/4 both
with the following settings configured in Lanaidc. I have tried following the
guidelines in the token ring mini how to for a distribution specific
installation, but the modprobe command is no help. I just get a bunch of hex
numbers scrolling on the screen, and the machine completely locks, forcing me to
power down. I would appreciate any suggestions.
I/O                           0x300
IRQ                      10
RAM ADDRESS         DC000
ROM ADDRESS         DA000
RIPL                DISABLED
TOKEN DATA RATE          16
AUTO SENSE               ENABLED

Best regards,