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Is the issue here not having the proper ring speed or are you trying to plug two adapters into each other rather than into a mau?  If you're trying to just put the two cards together, you're SOL.  That isn't going to happen.  Otherwise...

If you have an Auto card, just force the ring speed with lanaidc.  Then the driver won't have to worry about it AFAIK.


 ---- you wrote: 
> >>Back to the problem at hand though - Can you get hold of a ibm pci card, the
> olympic driver allows setting of the ringspeed.<<
> For the price of the PCI TR card I could get two ethernet and some coax, then
> I'd be ready for DSL.  No joy there.  I also have some info that the ISA Auto
> 16/4 is also missing a 5V power on one of the lines.  I was told that the cards
> are parasitic on the network for this line voltage.  I have not details, and the
> description I did get was ver vague.  Does it sound familiar?
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