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Re: [linux-tr] Unknown Command Encountered -Reply

At 11:53 AM 7/13/99 -0400, you wrote:
>> to be an Oracle server, mostly, when we're done.  Had a heck of a >
(3Com 3C619C) set up in IBM mode.
>You're going to run an Oracle server with an ISA card, brave boy.

I have a choice?  TR support for some other cards (even IBM ones, we have
had fair luck with the PCI token ring cards from Big Blue) would be kind of
nice.  Kind of out of my league, as far as writing the drivers goes - I'm a
hardware hack, born, bred, trained and raised.  The stuff that gets used on
it is to me non sequitur.  I just want the confounded thing to work....

>Can you try the scsi card and 619 on a different motherboard, betcha
either the motherboard or scsi card are conflicting. I'd go for the
motherboard, try turning everything off in bios.

The scsi is not a card, it's part of the motherboard.  I have everything
turned off in bios, except the scsi card.  No IDE devices in the box
whatsoever.  Parallel is off, serials are both off, the (useless) USB ports
are off, BIOS is set to the "fail-safe" mode, with everything slowed to a

Trying a newer LINUX, as was suggested just prior.  SuSE looks promising.
(I likethe default settings in German.  Gives me a bit of practice in

Danke, viel mal, und auf wiederlesen.

Wes Will
(Any other ideas would be appreciated if they occur to anyone. WWW)