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Re: [linux-tr] My IBM PCMCIA Token Ring

In order to make my IBM Pcmcia Token Ring work, I have already compiled the
kernel 2.2.10 and the Pcmcia pack 3.0.13 and my Token Ring still not working.
When I insert my card, I can ear a high beep and a low beep, and an error
The error is:

ibmtr_cs: MapMemPage: Bad offset

Any idea ?
Can somebody send me a Kernel config file for a Thinkpad 760 EL or similar ?

prs@us.ibm.com on 08/07/99 07:44:27 PM

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Subject:  [linux-tr] My IBM PCMCIA Token Ring


     Take a look at the various appends about this in the X86LINUX forum on
IBMPC conference disk and the LINUX forum on IBMUNIX.  Essentially, RH6.0
contains a version of the kernel (2.2.5) that works poorly if at all with Token
Ring cards and that definitely will not work with PCMCIA token ring cards.  You
need to get (and build) a current level of the kernel (2.2.10) and the latest
PCMCIA support (3.0.13) to have a stable PCMCIA token ring connection.

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solares@py.ibm.com on 07/08/99 04:15:00 PM

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Subject:  [linux-tr] My IBM PCMCIA Token Ring

Hi guys, I have a Thinkpad 760 EL with RedHat 6.0. My IBM PCMCIA Token Ring Card
doesn`t work.
When I insert de card and boot the machine the X Windows doen´t work and when I
shutdown the machine hangs.
I have all ready configured the network and the token ring modules.
I`m very dissapointed because when I was using RH5.1 my TKRing works easily,
after that I bought the RH 5.2 and it didn`t work, now I Download all the RH
6.0, make the CD and I still having problems with my Token Ring.
Do you have any idea about it ?

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