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[linux-tr] Difference b/w 2.2.10ac3 and 2.2.11?


More as an FYI than anything else.  Just compiled a 2.2.11 kernel with PCI Token
Ring / Olympic support.  I had a 2.2.10 (with AC3 patch) working beautifully.
Same config files, same everything...but the 2.2.11 driver failed.  The adapter
tried to open (I heard my splitter clicking on and off), the driver returned a
"Trying different ring speed" message, and finally gave up.

Most interesting...when I pulled ibmtr.c and ibmtr.h out of my 2.2.10-ac3 source
tree, put them in 2.2.11, and recompiled, everything was fine.  I'm perfectly
happy with this but thought maybe the list would like to know.


Karl Shultz
IBM Netfinity ServerProven Program

919-543-8140 (T/L 441)