LTRP Wednesday, November 19, 2003 
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The LTRP has been established to provide a central point for issues relating to using Token Ring under Linux.

The linux-tr mailing list exists for the discussion of problems or concerns about token ring support in linux.
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There is a known problem with the mailing list at the moment. If you have a query you can contact me directly at

All input welcome, all hardware accepted :-)

Mike Phillips November 19, 2003

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3c359-2.4.16.patch.gz Updated version of the 3c359 driver for the 2.4.16 kernels.

tms_compile.patch Fix to enable the tms driver to work when compiled into the kernel.

madge-2.4.x.patch.tgz Patch for the Madge drivers available from the Madge site to enable them to work with the 2.4.x kernels. (This is the old 2.31 Madge driver, not the latest 2.41 available.)

mtoksrc.tar.gz Latest 2.41 driver from Madge. This is the source code available from the Madge website.

tms.patch Fix for a race condition in the tms380 driver.

ibmtr-endian.c.diff Patch for the ibmtr driver to get it working on big endian machines (specifically the pa-risc machines). This may not work for all big endian machines. Work is ongoing on this one.

ibmtr_isareadb.patch Removes the isa_readb/writeb calls from the driver as these are deprecated now.

Two updates for olympic, updates for new api and improving error reporting and cardbus removal handling.

Update of 3c359 to new pci api. Patch for the 2.4.17 kernel. If you want the patch for the 2.5.4 kernels, email me.

Update to Olympic to cure the bug in the arb_cmd function that was exposed by the updates in the 1.0.0 driver. (The bug was always there, the driver just silently ignored it before. Ooops !!)

olympic_1.0.5.patch Update to olympic from 1.0.0. Includes the arb fix, couple of changes for big iron and proper initialization of the cardbus adapters when using power management.

net-tools-1.60.patch Patch for net-tools 1.60 to allow setting the hardware address to work with the 2.4.x kernels

ipv6.diff Update to the main token ring code to enable IPv6 to work correctly.

toksr.patch-2.4.9-ac10 Updated version of the source routing patch for the 2.4.9-ac10 kernels.

djb.tgz D.J. Barrow changes to the main token ring code in the kernel to completely update the source routing and improve it immensely for large (>100) networks.

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