LTRP Wednesday, November 19, 2003 
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Mike Phillips November 19, 2003

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Getting the madge card to run on other 2.2.x kernels. PCMCIA

Written by Dom Cressatti (c) 2001

Madge supply their driver to work with only a few specific kernel version. So how does someone do if they aren't running the "right" kernel?

Personnaly I was using Linux Mandrake with kernel 2.2.17-21mdk

You need to download the source driver "msrc231.tgz" from the madge web site and compile it yourself.

However before attempting to compile it you need to make a few changes and here's what I did and made it working (to seperate commands from text I included all the commands in quotes but don't include them when you issue them).

Like the README file in the Madge source directory says, You need the kernel source and header.

I did

"make menuconfig/Xconfig"
saved the config and then
"make dep"
but didn't bothered compiling the kernel!

Then I copied (or can move) everything in the "/mtok/scripts" directory into the "/mtok" one.

After that I ran
"./configure" and "make"

answer all the questions during the make process (in most case a "Y" or Enter key does the job)

Then move mtok.o (the driver) into /lib/modules/YourKernelLib/net

Edit your modules.conf to add:
"alias tr0 mtok"

Then update the dependencies by typing
"depmod -a"

That it!
After that slot the card in your PC or if card is already in machine type:

"insmod mtok" to load the driver and then "ifconfig tr0 " to configure it. Once configured enable it by typing:
"ifup tr0" (0 assuming that the card is only one in the machine. If you have more than one read the FAQ in the Madge driver source directory).

A lot of credit has to go to nild nessling from Sweeden who help me in getting it working.
Copyright © 2001 Mike Phillips
All rights reserverd.