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Re: Token Ring <-> Ethernet Bridging

Thanks for your great help!

I'll be leaving the country for a while - I'll try your
suggestions as soon as I get back.  I'll also need to 
convince a few people that a Linux box won't bring down
50 Netware servers !  ;^)

> >
> >1)  Is it even possible to use Linux to bridge a Token Ring
> >        network to an Ethernet network?
> yes it is, i have not done this exact thing but have a couple of play
> networks that i am diddling with at the moment and i happen to have a
> ethernet to token ring bridge connecting two lans together - an
> set of instructions are as follows:

> >2)  Are there any FAQs on Token Ring to Ethernet bridging?
> try
> 	sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/docs/HOWTO/mini/Bridge
> good luck dude
> gary