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Re: Token Ring <-> Ethernet Bridging

Mike Eckhoff wrote:

> On Thu, 20 Nov 1997, Kent Welling wrote:
> > 1)  Is it even possible to use Linux to bridge a Token Ring
> >         network to an Ethernet network?
> >
> > 2)  Are there any FAQs on Token Ring to Ethernet bridging?
> I am not sure about the bridging support, however, you should be able to
> route just fine.  Last that I had heard, the briding support was still
> rather developmental.  It would also make your linux box rather worthless
> for Inet access since, if I remember correctly, you can't have an ip bound
> to either network interface on the bridge.

I don't know about bridging, either. but with routing token <--> ether, it
should not have any real drawbacks for your goal.For a customer, I have set
up a linux-token-ether-router for just that purpose (token-ether-isdn). Since
then (mid-september), they never called me because of the linux-router: it
just works! So don't hesitate doing it this way :-)