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Re: TR-Adapter does not come back into the ring

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, Dieter Raith wrote:

> I have a problem, which I suspect to a Novell FS attached
> via TR. I get plenty of cron jobs hanging around an the
> system is unacessible as it cannot fork anymore. Only
> the console terminal is functional. The DF command does
> never return. 

Hmm.. Sounds to me like there are some processes stuck in a disk wait.  If
you can get a ps through, see if any are in state 'D'.  Then you may be
able to kill the processes causing the disk wait if they don't ever come
out of it, which should unhang the other programs.

> When I did a ifconfig tr0 down all problems
> vanished. Unfortunately the TR does not come back to the
> ring on on an ifconfig tr0 up. So I have to reboot the
> system. I compiled the TR driver into the kernel! I cannot
> believe that this works as designed. Can anybody comment
> this behaviour? Should I use module technique to assure
> that I can bring the TR adapter back into the ring?

You _may_ be able to compile the driver as a module and back out the
module and reinsert it to get back onto the ring properly.  However, I
have had problems with this.  At times, when you back out the module when
it has things that it wants to do, it just gets ticked off.  I can't
remember the exactly error messages right now and unfortunatly, I cannot
reproduce it since I no logner have a TR lan.  


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