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Re: tr0: xmit ret_code: 22 xmit error code: 00

Jose Angel Berna Galiano writes:
 > I get the error 
 > tr0: xmit ret_code: 23 xmit error code: 00

Retcode 23 is a different animal. If my memory serves me is indicates
an error in putting the frame on the ring or in stripping it back off
the ring. This can be caused by wonky hardware. Retcode 22 means the
frame came back without the ARI/FCI bits set. This used to mean that
you put a frame on the ring and nobody recognized the destination
address as being theirs, and nobody copied the frame into their
buffers. However, these days the newer t-r switches will not set the
ARI/FCI bits when it copies the frame off the "ring" and ships it to
its destination. Hence you can no longer use the ARI/FCI bits as a
reliable indicator of (un)successful frame transmission. The patch
merely causes the driver to eat the ARI/FCI-related errors instead
of spewing them to syslog. 

 > I think this is a problem with the local network or the connection to
 > the net, because the installation disk of my token ring card gets me
 > errors on the network connection. Perhaps you have any problem with your
 > local network connection.
 > Regards,
 > Jose Angel
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