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Re: tr0: xmit ret_code: 22 xmit error code: 00

Paul Norton wrote:
> Jose Angel Berna Galiano writes:
>  > I get the error
>  >
>  > tr0: xmit ret_code: 23 xmit error code: 00
> Retcode 23 is a different animal. If my memory serves me is indicates
> an error in putting the frame on the ring or in stripping it back off
> the ring. This can be caused by wonky hardware. Retcode 22 means the
> frame came back without the ARI/FCI bits set. This used to mean that
> you put a frame on the ring and nobody recognized the destination
> address as being theirs, and nobody copied the frame into their
> buffers. However, these days the newer t-r switches will not set the
> ARI/FCI bits when it copies the frame off the "ring" and ships it to
> its destination. Hence you can no longer use the ARI/FCI bits as a
> reliable indicator of (un)successful frame transmission. The patch
> merely causes the driver to eat the ARI/FCI-related errors instead
> of spewing them to syslog.
>  > I think this is a problem with the local network or the connection to
>  > the net, because the installation disk of my token ring card gets me
>  > errors on the network connection. Perhaps you have any problem with your
>  > local network connection.
>  >
>  > Regards,
>  > Jose Angel
>  >
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>  > Jose Angel Berna Galiano
>  > Departamento de Fisica, Ingenieria de Sistemas y Teoria de la Seņal
>  > Universidad de Alicante
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Altough this mail was not for it helped me to find my problem. Indeed I
specified an address which was not in the ring and error 22, was a
not taken from the ring.
Are these errors taken out of an adapter location? I may find them in
the documentation I downloaded from IBM.