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tcpdump for tr frames and netbios packets?

Keith Owens, author of the original patch, identified a problem with
the updated patch and I haven't had the time to fix it yet. I'll take
a look at the newer libpcap as well, ASAP. 

sven@sven.cp.uconn.edu writes:
 > Hi everyone,		
 > I'm trying to get tcpdump version that recognizes tr frames and netbios
 > packets.  Tried applying tcpdump-3.4a5-token-ring.patch against
 > tcpdump-3.4a5 and libpcap-0.4a5 (could not find libpcap-0.4a3) that patch
 > seems to be for.  There were rejections when applying patch and the
 > following when making tcpdump.  Patch against older libpcap (could someone
 > point in right direction) or is there another patch?  
 > Sven