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IBM Auto LanStreamer

Hello All,

I am really pleased to find a mailing list for Linux on Token ring.

My question might be simple however it is large to me.
I am new in linux and have some problems using my netcard.

My card is
IBM Auto LanStreamer PCI Adapt.

I am using the card daily booting the PC with windows95, however it seems
that linux does not see the card at all. The AutoSearch used by the
configuration program does not detect the card.

I have had a hard time simply to find out if this card is supported at all.
Can any one tell?

I am using Redhat 5.0. Linux kernel 2.0.32 

I would appreciate any help on this topic. Does any one know of a patch to
linux which might solve the problem?

All the best,

	Carsten Brink
	Odense Universityhospital
	Radio-Physics Laboratory (Afd. R)
	Sdr. Boulevard 29
	DK-5000 Odense C